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-work by commission-

A customer relationship
 begins with a consultation via phone, email, or in person, to discuss your ideas for the project you have in mind.

At that time, we
 can provide some initial rough sketches of your project, show you wood species, finishes available, and [design ideas from] our experience.

If and when we agree to go further, we will initiate scaled drawings for your approval, go over in-depth;  modifications-discussed, and notes taken.
Our work is billed-commensurate with the time involved, complexity of project, wood species, and any kind of wood finish you may desire.

Hopefully we have agreed, and decided to go ahead:
  1. We require a **1/3 deposit at the time of scheduling, this deposit IS refundable, before any material ordering has taken place. (This deposit ensures you a "spot" in the calender rotation of projects, only). You may cancel the project, and receive a refund.
  2. A 2nd (non-refundable - including 1st deposit)***1/3 deposit will be due PRIOR to the ordering of ANY materials, and during the layout and cutting of a project. (typically 1 week after initial scheduling: as per scope of the piece involved).
  3. The balance will be due when the project is complete (satisfactory to our agreement/barring any changes) and ready to be shipped/delivered or picked-up by the customer.† ‡
  4. If a project is scheduled, AND ordering of materials will take place immediately...a 2/3 deposit will be required.
  • I will provide, (upon request) photos, i.e. pics (emailed only) for your appreciation of the work in progress.
† We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, check, money order, or cash.

 Stevens Master Woodworks craftsmanship is covered/guaranteed against defects in workmanship for a period of One Year* from the date of build completion.
*Void if gross negligence and/or damage, be it accidental or not, is obvious. (Beyond One Year, we are here, and we will HELP you if needed - You are a valued customer.) 

**This deposit is fully refundable prior to us ordering or acquiring materials. 
***All deposits are non-refundable once the accusation of materials and/or cutting of project begins. 


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